Announcing Project Slingshot!

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As we finally near completion of Vitamin Z, we are proud to announce our next game, a futuristic racer with the working title Slingshot!

We will be revealing the final name of the game along with a gameplay trailer soon. In the meantime, we can share some art and additional info!




Slingshot is a futuristic time-trial racer. Zoom along race tracks, trying to earn the best possible time while avoiding robotic enemies trying to stop you along the way. Enemies don’t just have to be avoided, however — you can draft behind robots and perform a slingshot maneuver to gain a speed boost and blast through the competition. If you slingshots too often, you risk going too fast and losing control.

Slingshot has a colorful retro-futuristic design. There are several unique settings where the races take place, each with a theme that plays into the hazards and enemies there. There will be multiple characters, each with its own perks and personality.

We will announce more features soon!

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