Namazu Studios Partnership with Side-Kick Games

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Namazu Studios announces a licensing deal with Side-Kick Games to bring its PS Vita title, Vitamin Z, to VR platforms Q1 2016. Namazu’s action-packed shooter will be reimagined for a mobile VR experience.


The alliance will allow Namazu Studios to rapidly reach the largest possible audience across multiple mobile VR platforms and markets. “We’re excited to be in partnership with Side-Kick Games,” said Patrick Twohig, Studio Head of Namazu Studios. “We’re eager for players around the world to experience Vitamin Z in VR!”


Vitamin Z is an action-packed shooter that will have you on the edge of your seat! Blow up zombie fruits and veggies, earning precious Z that you will use to upgrade your gear and delve deeper into the besieged lab. You must help Dr. Rosa clear her secret facility of zombies, armed only with her defensive turret, gathering the precious goop known as Z. Zombies encroach on all sides. Rosa’s plasma turret can’t move, so you must push zombies back before they overwhelm her!


Vitamin Z for mobile VR is projected to be released early in 2016 across all current mobile VR platforms, including Merge VR, Gear VR, Cardboard, Homido, Zeiss VR, View-Master VR, and LingVR.

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