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Classic Artillery gameplay unites with story-driven turn-based action for Android!

In Guns of Legend, Victor Kasara is thrust into a top secret infiltration mission into the heart of the Sorden territories to stop a plan to sabotage the peace treaty with the Tristessa Protectorate Union. 
  • One of three compelling episodes!
  • Battle your friends head to head!



One of three compelling episodes!

Kasara is a brash, young WIP ace, and after this adventure will become a legendary mobile weapons tank pilot.
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Special Guns of legend Features

  • The game’s epic narrative spans three self-contained episodes.

  • Humorous presentation with colorful, appealing visual design

  • Randomly generated waves of enemies with increasing difficulty

  • Build a squad of WIP tanks of different types and equip them with a variety of weapons with unique effects and abilities to destroy waves of enemies.

  • Richly detailed levels span a diverse range of environments across the game’s world.

  • Play through the story in Campaign Mode or play a single, fast match in Quick Play mode.

  • Battle your friends in head-to-head local multiplayer matches.


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