All projects and cases are unique and need their own attention to the detail. Namazu prides itself on quality as well as being flexible, quick, and efficient through all stages of the working process. At times this means one stage can be larger than another for specific projects or clients, but the structure for all games and projects is below.

Analyze (gather project and client information to determine needs)

Specs and Requirements (forming a detailed project plan based on client’s needs)

Design (visuals, documentation, wireframes, UI, diagrams, functionality)

Development (milestones, art production, coding, testing)

Serious Gaming

A serious game or applied game is a game designed for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment. Namazu can take any game concept and build it artistically into final product stages and has done so for a number of educational and learning based applications. We have a proven history of creating games not only with entertainment value, but also games that are built as functional, user-friendly learning tools.

Game Art & Design

Namazu’s full service game development solution includes game design and art. They can produce detailed design documents, concept art to define your game’s look, and more. Namazu is happy to provide these as stand-alone services to complement your existing team’s efforts as well.

Game Development

Namazu develops their own titles (first-party games) as well as games for clients (third-party games) using Unity3D for rapid cross-platform development. They also develop natively on each platform or use other engines as appropriate. Namazu’s specialized team is a full-service solution to quickly take projects from ideation to final shippable product.

White Label / Branded IP

Namazu works in collaboration with other companies on white label projects as well, to be released directly under the companies’ own labels. This includes companion applications for very popular brands. Namazu can design games and applications around your IP, following your stylistic guidelines to create engaging experiences featuring your branded content. Namazu is excited about the possibilities for creating great games and exciting applications that can be grown in partnership between two businesses and their ideas.

Enterprise Services

Namazu offers cloud-based managed Enterprise Services. This allows for scalable on-demand applications with a 99.9% uptime guarantee to keep up with your customers’ demands. Namazu has successfully integrated iOS and Android apps with both existing and custom built RESTful APIs provided by clients and third parties. Namazu also delivers applications tightly integrated with social media web services such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Namazu has developed server applications with proven Java technology running in such environments as Google App Engine and Amazon EC2; they also have the capability of offering and managing private hosting solutions for clients who would rather not have cloud-based applications. If you are in need of digitally distributing content through scalable web services, Namazu is here to help.

UI and App Design

Namazu will expertly design your app to match your concept and achieve your business goals. Namazu creates UI wireframe diagrams, flowcharts, and design documents to clearly define how your app will work. They will work with you to determine the desired functionality and design UI that provides a fantastic, intuitive user experience.