Vitamin Z at GDC

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We went up to GDC in San Francisco this week to publicly show our new game, Vitamin Z, for the first time! Keith and Patrick met up with Brad Nicholson from TouchArcade and demoed the game.


Vitamin Z is an arcade-style shooter with a twist. The player is locked in the center of the screen in a turret, with zombies encroaching on all sides. The player’s turret fires continuously, but the player must tilt the device or use touch to aim. If enemies reach the turret at the center, they latch on and begin to drain health. The player can activate a stomp ability to knock back and stun enemies that grab the turret. The player finds power-ups and special weapons, and may also purchase upgrades. The goal is earning high scores and to make it as deep into the lab as possible by clearing floors. Completing missions also earns extra rewards!

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