Vitamin Z to Launch on PS Vita 5/27/15!

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Vitamin Z has a launch date of 5/27/15 on the PS Vita on the PSN! We’re super excited as this is our first game to hit console. Releasing a game on console was one of our goals when we founded the studio, and we’re very thankful for the opportunity and proud of reaching this milestone in our growth. As longtime fans of the Sony platforms, we’re especially eager to for the game’s release on the PS Vita platform.

For those who are unfamiliar, Vitamin Z is our new free to play game. It’s an endless arcade-style game where Dr. Rosa must blast zombie fruits and veggies to get as deep into her besieged lab as she can. As she goes, Dr. Rosa earns Z from the zombie guts that she uses to upgrade her gear to make it further into the lab. The game features  Trophies, incremental challenge missions, and leaderboards.


The central mechanic of the game is that Dr. Rosa can’t move — she’s locked into her defense turret in the middle of the screen. You can use the analog stick or the touch screen to aim the turret all around as zombies approach from every side. Power-ups like the spread shot and special weapons like the plasma saw along with judicious use of the seismic “stomp” ability will help to keep the zombies at bay.



As I mentioned earlier, the game is free to play, so we hope everyone gives it a try!


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